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Things to think about  BEFORE YOU ADOPT a horse


Adoption does not mean free! If you can't financially afford a horse, then you shouldn't adopt one. Many people want to adopt horses simply because they can't afford to buy one and think adoption means "free." An adoption fee is always required, but is usually less than the open market. People also don't realize the ongoing expenses involved to pay for vet bills (annual shots, teeth floating, worming, accidents), farrier (shoes, trimming), feed (grain, hay), board and other bills that a horse requires.


Adopting a horse means dedicating yourself to care for this animal for the rest of their life, not abandoning it because it can no longer perform as he/she did when they were younger or more healthy.


Don't have too many expectations when adopting a horse. Far too many people call rescues with a whole list of requirements that few horses could possibly live up to.


What will the horse's general riding purpose be? Most rescued horses end up being adopted out as trail or pleasure horses only. Also many horses are no longer rideable, but are looking for homes as companion animals.


Some horses may not be 100% sound or completely child-safe. Try to play down things like color or even breed or gender. The horse's temperament and your riding ability is what is really important when looking at a horse that is going to be yours for, hopefully, the rest of his/her life.

if this makes sense to you, then please read our Pre-Adoption Requirements. Hopefully, you and Rocky Bottom Ranch Rescue can find the "perfect" fit for your adopted horse and you. Adoption becomes a lifetime partnership between you and your horse.


Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our adoption forms.


Pre-Adoption Requirements

RBRR Adoption Application.docx

Adoption Agreement

Adoption Application


Links to horses that are currently available for adoption


Please check back occasionally as we do not currently have any horses available for adoption.


      Our adoptable horses are usually owner surrendered or they have been rescued from a slaughter auction. When we get the them, they are usually underweight, fearful, and some need medical care.  Most of these horses need confidence building and training.  Our mission is not just to rescue them and find them a new home.  We believe that if we take the time to train them, we can help ensure that they never have to be rescued again.  

We also raise money for our rescue by offering training and lessons.  Maybe you are looking for your child’s first horse, a backyard buddy, a show horse, or just want a nice horse for trail rides.

Rescued horses come in all shapes and sizes, we can help you find the one you’re looking for.