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Purebred Jersey      -Polly-      Born August 2011

Polly with Patches, her adopted 2013 bull calf

Polly with Bizzy, her 2014 heifer calf

Polly was definitely the shyest of the cows when they first came from the dairy. Although she wasn’t mean or rowdy, she was the only one that was kind of kicky for learning how to hand milk. She was also a little bit bossy and rough for the first couple of hours with her first adoptive calf “Patches”. She ended up being a very good mama though, and accepted him as her own. When her 2014 heifer calf was born, she was instantly a great mama. Because of her being a little harder to hand milk, she was the one that I chose to milk the most. As a result, she is now the sweetest cow ever, and her baby Bizzy, is super sociable. Although we haven’t had a chance to test her yet (she has been at the vets for months), Bizzy was tested A2A2. We are looking forward to adding Bizzy to our mama list, and using her milk as our primary milk source. Haven’t heard of A2 milk? Learn more HERE