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Meet The Mamas! - click on their names to learn more about them and their babies.



     Since dairy & cheese are favourites, we started with Jerseys. The project began in late November 2013. Our 3 mamas came from a huge local dairy. They were 2.5 years old, and in milk. Each had damaged udders, and only had 3 working quarters. They couldn’t produce enough milk to be profitable. Since my health sometimes limits my abilities, we also got 3 little bull calves, so that I wouldn’t have to milk all the time. The mamas happily accepted their new babies and their new life. The little bulls became steers, and will soon provide us with our first forage/grass-raised beef, with no added hormones & no antibiotics. In July of 2014, all the mamas gave birth to beautiful heifer calves. In 2016 we had two calves born. They are half Wagyu and half Jersey.

All the mamas are currently at the Vets being bred for Summer 2017 calves.