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Freezer Camp

Sorry, All beef quarters for 2017 have been sold.

Please check back in 2018.

We will place links to reserve beef. Please contact us if you wish to be put on our waiting list.

The reality in raising your own natural food, is the fact that they are raised for the purpose of putting food on the table. We raise our steers to be friendly, happy, and all natural. We don’t use unnecessary antibiotics, none of them have implanted artificial hormones, and they were raised on their mamas, not bottles. Their diet consists completely of forage. They are raised on a combination of alfalfa hay, oat grass, wheat hay, and rye grass.  They are raised in a stress-free environment.

As the time to head to Freezer Camp approaches, we sell the meat that is in excess of what we need. You can buy the beef by quarter, half, or whole.  You pick up the beef directly from the USDA processor, packaged and frozen, cut to your requests. For 2017, the cost including processing was $5.65/lb, based on hanging weight.