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2017 brought us 3 more chicks. This time it was Heidi, one of Holly’s 2016 surprise chicks that is proudly strutting around the yard with her little ones.


On Easter Sunday, 2016, Holly surprised us with 10 babies that she had secretly hatched.



6/17/2015- Sad news today. Buffy passed away today after being broody and sitting on her eggs for 20 days. We are in the middle of a heat wave with temps ranging every day from 112-114 degrees. We had a mister in the area, hoping that would help, but it just became too much for her. 16 eggs were immediately moved into the house. A quick check revealed that 2 of them were not good, but 14 went into the incubator.


7/2/2015- We were able to save and successfully hatch 5 of Buffy’s eggs. After #1 hatched, it didnt look promising that any others would follow, so we purchased 2 little Maran chicks to keep her company. 2 days later more eggs started hatching. They are all doing extremely well. There are 7 eggs still in the incubator from the unattended clutch that was found in the hay stall. They are also various ages, and we aren’t sure exactly when they will be hatching.